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Fibre Cabling

Network cabling plays a major roll in any voice and data networks. With this in mind you should be looking for a reliable highly experienced company to install your structured cabling system

  • We have fully trained highly experienced fibre optic engineers, capable of designing and installing any fibre optic requirement that you might have from fibre optic back bones capable of linking your remote cabinets into the network to fibre to desk creating an ultra fast network connection.
  • Fibre optic cables can run literally any where from building to building ducting systems, across suspended ceilings, under raised floors and even high level building to building links.

Why Use Fibre Optics?.

  • Distance: Almost unlimited with fibre cables unlike the copper cables which max out around 90 meters.
  • Running with Power: Fibre can be installed near power cables without the worry of interference.
  • Security: Fibre is very secure and can not be tapped in to.
  • Bandwidth: Fibre can cater for a high volume of bandwidth. 

          What We Offer..

  • Any Specification  Fibre Installed Anywhere
  • We will even arrange the duct work if required..
  • OS1 - OS2 Singlemode cables 
  • OM1- OM2 - OM3 Mutlimode cables  Tight buffered and loose tube 
  • Rodent resistant and steel wire armoured cables for harsh environments Internal, external and universal sheath options
  • Termination types incluse  ST, SC, MT-RJ, LC, LSH (E2000)  
  • Free Advice & Site visit if required


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